The Nigerian Puppy Scam

So Little Man turned 7 this week. He has had a tough year. He changed schools, his dad moved in with a lady friend with a few kids, and he has struggled to catch up after a 1st school year with a half wit for a teacher.

I decided that for this birthday, I needed to bring out the big guns. The puppy big guns.

I did a Google search for ‘puppies + ‘ and came across a site for breeders to advertise their puppy wares. I came across an ad for a Yorkie puppy. The advertiser said they had 2 yorkie puppies available. I sent a polite message asking for pics and a price.

The poster replied with what looked like a professional pic of 2 yorkie puppies in adorable outfits saying they had just purchased these puppies several weeks ago and then had 2 deaths in the family. They implied they were elderly and could not give the puppies the attention they needed. They asked where I was located and that once they had verified I was a responsible pet owner they would provide their address and I could pick the puppies up. I replied with my suburb and explained I had my last dog for 17 years.

A few hours later, they replied that I sounded perfect to adopt the puppies. They were in Darwin (the opposite side of Australia to me) and if I did not mind paying the shipping they would get the puppies to me the same day.

I have shipped my dog before, and I knew you cannot get a dog on a plane the same day in Australia. It was then I started to think perhaps this person/people were pulling my leg. I thought I would pull this out a little longer and prove my point.

I do not want to give these bottom feeders any further info on the animal shipping practices in Australia, however there are certain steps involved in shipping animals they knew nothing about.

So the scum bag scammers dragged it out (by email) pretending they were at a fictional shipping office wanting to urgently ship me these free, expensive dogs. The problem is the shipping company can only email, and they are under ‘2014 audit’ and need me to do a bank transfer to a gentleman with an Islamic name in Cameroon. When I replied that I knew I was being scammed, they replied that I was a ‘Ship Goat’.

Bottom line? If it’s too good to be true it probably is. I can actually hear Nev and Dr phil admonishing me. I was an idiot and now some dude in Lagos knows where I live.

Little Man received the most beautiful little Pomeranian boy, purchased from a breeder IN PERSON. Despite a nasty few days, that I thought had embittered me forever melted away when he laid eyes on his new baby on his birthday. I will never forget the joy on my son’s face when he exclaimed ‘Mummy! you got me a puppy?!?!’ with tears in is big navy blue eyes. Each night I tuck them into bed and sing Mockingbird as they snuggle under the duvet for the night. Watching my boy treat this little innocent creature with so much love and gentle compassion is one of the greatest blessings in my life. There may be crappy bottom feeders in the world who pose as elderly, bereaved and distressed pet owners, but it is Little Man’s beautiful heart that wins out in my reality. God bless them both.